Start Building Disciples as Unique As Your City

Clarity House invites you to join our Funnel Fusion Learning Community, a 10-month customized process to start building disciples that are as unique as your city.

The Learning Community is a collaborative process that helps your church team develop a shared vision fueled by greater disciple-making clarity that integrates discipleship, leadership and mission. Rather than giving you a prefabricated model to adopt, we keep your church’s unique DNA as the foundation of every conversation. 

The Learning Community consists of 8-10 church teams, giving you the added benefit of perspective from other like-minded leaders who are also motivated to step into their full kingdom potential.

Dave is the Co-Founder of Clarity House and the Strategic Director for the Grace Family of Churches. Dave co-founded Life Younique and The Future Church Co. and was the U.S. Team Leader for 3DM and Lead Strategist at Wayfarer Ministries. He has also worked as a collaborative partner with Leadership Network, 100 Movements, 10,000 Fathers, PLI, and Exponential.

Shane is the Co-Founder of Clarity House and has served in and alongside local churches as a pastor, coach and consultant for the past 25 years. Before joining Clarity House, Shane served with the Future Church Co. as the Executive Director of Denominee. He also served for a decade as part of the national team for the EFCA where he helped hundredes of leaders build ministries with a disciple-making culture.

Brad Little
Pastor of Oak Grove Church;
Venture Church Mid-West Executive Director

2 In-Person Gatherings

The core process consists of two onsite gatherings that bring all church teams together both at the start and midway through the process. These gatherings foster relational trust combined with catalytic ideas.

8 Virtual Cohort Sessions

Each onsite gathering is followed by four virtual cohort sessions taking place every 3-4 weeks, which run for two hours. Each session consists of content, coaching, and team conversations.

Open Office Hours

At critical junctures of the process, optional coaching will be provided by the Clarity House staff to church leaders.

Team Work Sessions

Between each cohort, each church team is encouraged to schedule a “working session” for their team to continue the conversation that the cohort sessions started.

The Twin Cities Funnel Fusion Learning Community will run from September 2024 through April 2025. The two in-person gatherings will run from 9 AM-4 PM and will be hosted at a church in the Twin Cities. The virtual sessions will be hosted online and run 2 hours each.

Tuesday, September 17 – In-Person
Tuesday, October 1 – Virtual
Tuesday, October 22 – Virtual
Tuesday, November 12 – Virtual
Tuesday, December 3 – Virtual

Tuesday, January 7 – In-Person
Tuesday, January 28 – Virtual
Tuesday, February 18 – Virtual
Tuesday, March 11 – Virtual
Tuesday, April 1 – Virtual


$6,000 (does not include travel to the in-person gatherings)

Team Structure

Because this is a collaborative process, each team should have a minimum of 3 people and maximum of 5.


The in-person sessions are essential as the material cannot be made up another way. Virtual sessions are recorded so if you miss one, team members can review and catch up.

“For the past 30 years, Grace has been using the classic church growth playbook, attracting lots of people and then assimilating them into meaningful ministry inside the walls of the church. We came to realize that serving doesn’t always lead to discipleship inside the walls, and it wasn’t fueling the mission outside the walls. Clarity House helped us to develop a new scorecard and a new finish line for our spiritual growth pathway. Shared unity around the kind of disciples we’re designed to develop has helped us to begin mobilizing our congregation to address the unique spiritual needs of our community.”  

– Pastor Derek Sanford | Grace Church | Erie, PA

“Doing ministry well can be confusing and challenging to the most experienced of leaders, and we can all drift into a version of performance that might help keep the doors open but won’t open doors for the Gospel. Clarity House brought customized solutions to our unique needs and context. The collaborative journey that we experienced was foundational in framing the future of God’s church in our little corner of the world. It rallied our team by clarifying our next chapter and providing a strategic plan that has aligned a large team across multiple campuses for the future impact we believe God wants for our region.”

– Pastor Phil Eubank | Menlo Church | Menlo Park, CA