Maximize the unique callings of every member of your team—yours included.


Design a disciple-making strategy and future for your unique context.


Unleash the collective gospel impact of your family of churches.


Design your scalable training tools & environments.

Join the many others who are pursuing their future with greater clarity than ever before.

Getting a vision for the future of your church isn’t really that hard.

But if you’re like most leaders, what is hard is living and leading with a shared vision of the future.


How do we move from making converts who become volunteers that serve to making disciples who become leaders that are sent out on mission?

How has our team shifted from being heroes who execute ministry to hero-makers who equip people for everyday ministry?

What is our team’s shared picture of a disciple that our community desperately needs more of?

How do we help people identify and live into their unique calling as an everyday force for good beyond the four walls of our church?

What is our church’s shared vision that is pulling us into the future together?

How will you answer the most important questions you’re facing so you have clarity and synergy moving forward?

We have a proven process to guide you to build a disciple making future you and your team can believe in.


Move the finish line as you define the problem in your context.

Become a hero-maker as you shift your focus to your church’s actual sphere of influence.

Build a training center as you adjust your model to truly multiply disciples.

Empower each one as you guide every person in your church to live into their special calling.

Create the future as you clarify your church’s shared leadership language.


I was a pastor of a growing ministry, but I was overwhelmed by managing programs and people. I also was haunted by the question, is all of this really producing any disciples? Finally, someone came alongside me to guide me into an intentional and reproducible discipleship pathway—Dave Rhodes from Clarity House. I now have evidence and hope that it is possible to transition our churches from simply teaching centers to training centers.

“Shane helped me process my priorities in driving the mission of our organization. I gained greater confidence by making the right moves at the right time.”

I always loved seeing the possibilities in things—seeing something in a different light and imagining how much better it could be. When I combined this with the gifts and passions God placed in my heart, I realized that my calling didn’t necessarily come within the context of a certain title, job, location or thing. I exist to maximize potential in places; influencing and championing change through creativity and passion.

If you are searching for clarity in your ministry/mission, let me commend Clarity House to you. We have been in a process to assess and frame the vision for our association of churches. Shane and Dave have been fantastic to work with. They have helped us to ask the hard questions and come up with a clear vision. The process and tools we used were right on target as our team of seven pastors, as well as our staff,  have worked together.

Dave and his team led us to create a personalized path of disciple making specific to our unique placement and calling in God’s Kingdom. The process was not a one size fits all plan, rather one discovered by our team with his coaching. Our renewed vision has unified and energized our church in remarkable ways for the future!

The process of clarifying our mission and identifying our values has answered the critical questions of who we are and the why behind what we do. We lacked being able to define success clearly until we were able to frame up measures and strategies which has set a new trajectory for our association. What was once vague and ambiguous is now compelling and transferrable.

Through questions, exercises, and input, Dave Rhodes prodded, guided, and inspired us to restate our mission, values, metrics, and strategy to lead our church in our passionate pursuit of every man, woman, and child. Already our church is uniting around a refreshed commitment to our long standing vision.

I didn’t think it was possible. To take our disoriented church staff, who were siloed and overprotective of their ministries, and come out on the other end with a unifying vision and pathway forward for discipleship that everyone participated in. But it happened. That is the process Clarity House specializes in.

Dave and his team provided the objective, contextualized, expert guidance that allowed us to create a powerful vision for the future of our church in our community and around the world. We are so excited to see what God does with this vision He has birthed in our hearts through their process! Worth every dollar and every hour spent.

Shane and Dave have given me clarity, a roadmap, and tools as I replant a legacy church. They don’t just give information, but train you how to use the tools they provide. Their investment has helped provide River City Church with the opportunity for a bright future.

Dave Rhodes has spent years on the leading edge of shaping and leading disciple-making cultures in churches all over the globe. I’ve experienced truly inspired clarity of leadership using tools designed by Clarity House. If you have a chance to collaborate with Dave and the Clarity House team, you’ll have a chance to experience breakthrough in ways you might not have thought were possible.

We entered the process with a twenty year old vision statement that did not reflect who we are or where we are going. With the tools we have been given we now have a clear plan for our future and a method for evaluating our progress. The process has inspired new excitement and hope for the future of our association of churches.

Radical rethinking to rediscover the wellness and effectiveness of our network of churches was desperately needed. Shane and the team guided us out of the rut of failing traditions, and empowered us to redesign a network that restored value to today’s leaders and churches. Resetting our mission, strategy, and values has increased our attraction to a dedicated and diverse crowd of leaders and churches, while sharpening our focus in everything we do and say.