Design Your Network

Whether you are leading an existing network with a long history or launching a new, more nimble family of churches we can help. We’ve helped over 50+ networks bring greater value to the churches they serve while generating increased synergy among them.

Movement Design Process

Our movement design process is a 8-12 month collaborative journey that helps existing networks redefine their core identity and direction and provides newer networks the clarity they need to scale for the future.

Assess and clarify your current reality with insightful tools.

Shift your paradigm of what a network of churches should be.

Develop your custom scorecard so you know when you’re successful.

Design your synergy strategy with renewed clarity.

By the end of the journey, you’ll have clarified the necessary shifts to maximize your network’s collective gospel impact.

Visionary Planning Process

Most network teams don’t lack vision, they lack shared vision. Imagine the leaders in your network–both network staff and leading churches–sharing the right amount of vision content in the right amount of time in the future that generates greater Kingdom collaboration.

Develop a clear statement of your vision for the next 5 years and beyond.

Identify four key obstacles you will need to overcome in the next 3 years.

Articulate one major milestone as the focus for your next year.

Determine the most important 90-day objectives to help you reach your 1-year goal.


If you are searching for clarity in your ministry/mission, let me commend Clarity House to you. We have been in a process to assess and frame the vision for our association of churches. Shane and Dave have been fantastic to work with. They have helped us to ask the hard questions and come up with a clear vision. The process and tools we used were right on target as our team of seven pastors, as well as our staff,  have worked together.

The process of clarifying our mission and identifying our values has answered the critical questions of who we are and the why behind what we do. We lacked being able to define success clearly until we were able to frame up measures and strategies which has set a new trajectory for our association. What was once vague and ambiguous is now compelling and transferrable.

We entered the process with a twenty year old vision statement that did not reflect who we are or where we are going. With the tools we have been given we now have a clear plan for our future and a method for evaluating our progress. The process has inspired new excitement and hope for the future of our association of churches.

Dave Rhodes has spent years on the leading edge of shaping and leading disciple-making cultures in churches all over the globe. I’ve experienced truly inspired clarity of leadership using tools designed by Clarity House. If you have a chance to collaborate with Dave and the Clarity House team, you’ll have a chance to experience breakthrough in ways you might not have thought were possible.

“Shane helped me process my priorities in driving the mission of our organization. I gained greater confidence by making the right moves at the right time.”